eDiscovery Automation Private Limited is a professionally managed distribution company for Laboratory Automation, Automated Liquid & Powder Handling, Automated Environmental Analysis & Scientific Instrumentation. We provide world class systems & solutions from reputed overseas manufacturers for Research & Development, Quality Control and Educational purpose in the field of Drug Discovery, Synthesis, Environmental & Agriculture, Tobacco, Fertilizer, Food & Beverages, and Petrochemical & Lubricant. ‘eDiscovery Automation’ is committed to provide the Latest Technology, Prompt Support and Comprehensive Application support. We represent world’s best and leading manufacturers. We & our principals will be happy to associate with our customers by means of providing complete solution & systems coupled with dedicated support.


Laboratory Automation & High Throughput Screening:
  • Drug Discovery
  • Synthesis
  • Crystallization
  • Scintillation
  • Lubricant Blending
  • Analytical Sample Preparation
  • Environmental & Agriculture
  • Vial filling, Powder Dispensing  & Weighing

Auto Analyzer & Discrete Analyzer for:
  • Fertilizer
  • Tobacco
  • Water
  • Food & Breweries
  • Pharmaceutical 

MicroSyringes and AutoSyringes:

  • Microsyringes
  • Dosage of Liquids & Gas
  • Syringes for HPLC & GC Autosamplers
  • Syringes for On-column injection and Headspace sampling
  • Syringes for TLC
  • Automated syringes
  • Accessories & connectors
  • Custom made products
Automated Multi-parameter Analyzers for:
  • Environmental: pH, conductivity, alkalinity, chloride, fluoride, ammonia, turbidity, residual chlorine, hardness and color, Automated BOD & COD
  • Petrochemical: TAN, TBN,H2S/mercaptan, caustic, MEA
  • Pulp & Paper: Kappa number, alkalinity, liquors
  • Chemical: caustic, acid/base
  • Pharmaceutical: Acid/base, vitamin C, chloride, non-aqueous
  • Food/Wine: pH, sulfite, total acidity, chloride and Automated BOD & COD