pH AssayPlus™ System
PeCOD AssayPlus™ System
BOD AssayPlus™ System
Turbidity AssayPlus™ System

The AssayPlus™ product range is designed for those laboratories requiring automation of discrete, non-titration based measurements at economical prices. The AssayPlus™ family of products automate the following analyses:

  • pH
  • Ion Analysis by ISE (Direct or Std Addition) or Colorimetric
  • Color
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity
  • BOD
  • COD

The pH, ISE, Conductivity and Turbidity AssayPlus™ is supplied in any combination required. For example, the following combinations are available:

  • pH AssayPlus™
  • Conductivity AssayPlus™
  • Turbidity AssayPlus™
  • Color AssayPlus™
  • pH/Conductivity AssayPlus™
  • pH/Turbidity AssayPlus™
  • pH/Conductivity/Turbidity/ Color AssayPlus™

The PeCOD AssayPlus™ is a new addition to our product line. This system is The New Way to Measure COD by automating the analysis of COD with PeCOD for up to 71 samples per batch.