TitraSip/IC™ Duo

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MANTECH has a great history in titration automation and established chromatography experience. With our strength and presence in environmental laboratories, it was a natural progression to integrate Ion Chromatography (IC) solutions with MANTECH TitraSip Systems. It was the customer who drove the idea forward, and MANTECH who successfully delivered the solution. The result being:

pH, conductivity, alkalinity, hardness, turbidity, color, anions and cations
All from a SINGLE sample!

TitraSip™ system

RapidDuo™ with AutoMax™ 122 and a typical Ion Chromatography System

 With the TitraSip/IC Duo, your laboratory benefits from:

  • Proven rock solid technologies
  • Follows US EPA approved methods
  • Significant time and labour savings
  • Results that stand the test of time

Any MANTECH System utilizing the TitraSip SA may be used in combination with an IC System (e.g. the Dionex ICS-2100) to analyze from 18-197 samples in a single batch. The MANTECH TitraSip SA has been verified through the US EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program.

The TitraSip SA will automatically pipet the sample, run multi-parameter analyses, drain the analyzed sample directly to waste, automatically rinse the analysis vessel and probes, and then perform the appropriate non-titration analyses. The typical stand alone autotitration system cannot do this!