Microsyringes and Autosyringes

Micro Syringes




GC- Autosampler






 ILS Manufacture the syringes for:

  • Syringes for Dosage of Gas and Liquids
  • Syringes for Headspace Analysis
  • Syringes for On-Column Injection
  • Syringes for HPLC & GC Autosamplers
  • HPLC-Syringes
  • Syringes for TLC & HPTLC
  • Syringes for Robbins Hydra
  • Syringes for Automatic Liquid Handling
  • Syringes with PEEK-Tubing Connectors
  • Syringes with Adjustable Internal Stopper
  • Custom Made Products
  • Accessories for Connectors


For more information please visit ILS website: www.microsyringes.com