ProCrys HT System for Protein Crystallisation

ProCrys 2002 is a turnkey and complete solution for protein crystallisation, the preparation of screening solutions from stock solutions, transfer of screening solutions to mother plates (usually deepwell plates), filling of crystallisation plates with screening solution and proteins, sealing of mother and crystallisation plates with adhesive sealer to prevent evaporation

  • Fast & optimised pipetting of screening solutions of with intelligent sorting software, which can use either volume or concentration
  • High precision liquid handling of screening solutions of varying viscosities as well as proteins
  • Rapid 'on the fly' dispensing of of diluted solutions minimises contamination
  • Reliable level detection in containers sealed with septa to minimise contamination of liquid handling probes
  • Adhesive sealing to minimise the risk of evaporation
  • Thorough ultrasonic washing of liquid handling probes at different temperatures
  • Superior data communication for fast pipetting
  • Flexible System which can handle all commonly used lab ware (e.g. tubes & plates)
  • Full barcode control