REDI & LIPOS Powder & Liquid Handling

REDI and LIPOS are automation platforms for the precise distribution of solids such as resins, beads, crystals, salts, nanoparticles, extrudates, seeds, ground plant material, lactose, aerosil, chemical compounds from libraries, etc. For both systems, innovative technologies have been developed to overcome the challenges associated with solid handling due to the properties of individual powders - particle size, particle size distribution, density, electric charge, etc. In addition, further functionality is available with LIPOS which is also equipped with liquid handling, allowing solid dissolution and many other methodologies to be carried out on the same platform with the inclusion of suitable modules.

  • From 0.5/1mg to 1g (with a different technology up to 100g)
  • Distributions 1 to many or 1 to 1
  • Free choice of source and destination containers
  • Gravimetric or volumetric dispensing
  • Solutions for static or hygroscopic powders
  • Fixed volume or variable volume dispensing
  • Optional capping/decapping, vortexing, heating, cooling, etc.


Hand Held Manual Powder Dispensing System

The DryPette® is a hand held powder pipette that accurately dispenses solids, comprising a dispensing handle and a controller unit. The handles can be easily exchanged. Powder is drawn into the pipette tip in the handle under vacuum, and then expelled under light positive pressure (DryPette® Standard and Dry- Pette® Plus), or light positive pressure with or without positive displacement (DryPette® Varix range).

  • Precise and reproducible
    DryPette® is precise and reproducible with precision being maintained by the removal of the excess powder from the bottom of the tip after aspiration (50mg +/- 2mg; 150mg +/- 1mg; 1000mg +/- 2.5mg).
  • No Cross contamination
    A rapidly exchangeable, low cost, cellulose filter is incorporated in the delivery line of the pipette, to avoid any risk of cross contamination.
  • Lightweight
    The ergonomically designed hand piece allows easy and fatigue free filling of vessels. The hand piece is run from a compact control unit connected via a flexible vacuum pipe.
  • Flexible
    Multiple handle sizes can be used with a single DryPette® controller unit to cover a wide dispense weight range, providing an economic, versatile powder dispensing system for your laboratory. Custom designed DryPette® nozzles and PickFix tips can also be supplied to order.
  • Simple
    The pipette is simply operated via a three-position switch (fill - off - dispense) on the hand piece