CRISSY Salt Pre-Screening & Polymorph Screening

Polymorphism has become a serious concern in today's pharmaceutical research as it affects a number of issues in pharmaceutical systems varying from processing characteristics & shelf life, to bioavailability. To reduce "surprises" and secure potential product patents, polymorph screening is considered at a very early stage in the drug discovery process. At this stage, since a large number of candidates with very small sample volumes have to be tested, only an automated system could cope with the requirements. Zinsser Analytic developed CRISSY®, an automatic workbench for salt pre-screening and polymorph screening studies.

  • Experimental planning
  • Precise gravimetrically controlled distribution of API
  • Liquid handling of solvent arrays
  • Controlled heating and cooling cycles
  • pH measurement and adjustment
  • Special blocks for direct analysis without any additional sampling steps
  • Customised import and export functions