LISSY Liquid Handling System

Sample preparation for analysis types, sample dissolution, serial dissolution, reformatting steps can be fully automated with our flexible liquid handling system, LISSY. Many applications demand a diversity in pipetting probes in a single run - probes for septum piercing to avoid evaporation, for sample filtration form the top; disposable tips for contamination-free pipetting, for handling corrosive reagents, for ion-free dispensing, spotting of reagents, spraying in defines angles.

  • Workbench from 90 up to 200 cm
  • One or two arms
  • 1 to 16 pipetting probes
  • High working speed
  • Integrated gripper optional
  • Variety of pipetting probes
  • Tracking and visualising samples
  • pH-Adjustment and Measurement
  • Capping and De-capping
  • Viscous media dispensing
  • Heating/cooling
  • Stirring