LISSY - Automation platform for QuEChERS

As its name suggests, the QuEChERS method (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe) has caused a breakthrough in pesticide residue analysis in the food sector. The QuEChERS method can be taken to a further level with the fully automated liquid handling platform "LISSY" from Zinsser Analytic. LISSY automates all the required steps for sample analysis - weighing in the sample, the precise and reproducible addition and mixing of solvents and reagents, and centrifugation if required. LISSY therefore provides a rapid and error free automated solution for the analysis of pesticide residues in samples using QuEChERS.

  • Precise Liquid handling
  • Precise and Reproducible Powder Dosage
  • Efficient Mixing
  • Integrated Centrifuge
  • Optional pH-measurement and Adjustment
  • Optional Purification by SPE