AQ1 - Automated Discrete Analyzer

AQ1 is a low cost flexible analyzer that uses the principle of discrete analysis where each test occurs in a separate or discrete reaction vessel.

The AQ1 employs a robust robotic sampling arm working in conjunction with a stepper motor-driven syringe that is responsible for aspirating, dispensing and mixing accurate and precise quantities of sample and reagent in miniaturized test tubes called reaction wells.

The sample and reagents are incubated in the reaction wells for a preprogrammed time. A single aliquot is then transferred into a 10mm 100% optical glass cuvette. The absorbance is read on the stationary reactant to ensure the best possible signal to noise ratio.

The sample is always read in the same position in front of the detector, in the same glass cuvette. This eliminates the issues of scratching and reaction well variability found with direct read systems. As the liquid is moved, not the tray, fewer moving parts means higher reliability.

The standard methods supplied have optimized reaction times which ensure the reaction is brought to completion. This complete reaction emulates the manual and segmented flow methods and ensures lowest detection limits and good reproducibility. Once the absorbance is read, the glass cuvette is thoroughly cleaned and checked, ensuring no carryover or cross contamination.

  • Walk away operation - including ability to run overnight
  • Segregated chemical waste and wash minimizes environmental impact
  • Maximum 500 - 600 μL of combined reagents and sample consumed per test
  • Add samples after a run has started
  • Automated standard preparation and dilution of over range samples in same run
  • Runs up to 60 tests per hour
  • Tests programmable per sample to reduce analysis time