QUAATRO - High Performance Microflow Analyzer

Microflow Hydraulics . Heated Manifolds . High Resolution Detectors . Advanced Software

QUAATRO is a high performance, fully automated instrument that uses the principles of segmented flow analysis to achieve complete reaction, high reproducibility and ultra-low detection limits.

QUAATRO uses microflow hydraulics, enabling high sample rates with low sample and reagent consumption. QUAATRO is ideal for water and seawater analysis when high throughput and ultra-low detection limits are required.

QUAATRO is a microflow SFA system, the internal diameter of all glassware being 1mm. This reduces reagent consumption and increases throughput, with most methods running at 100 - 120 samples hour.

QUAATRO has many unique features to increase ease of use and reduce ownership costs. The integrated enclosed manifold and detector are heated to 37° C. Flow stability is ensured as the optimal bubble frequency for each method is programmed by silent air valves. Automatic start-up, method changeover and shutdown allows true unattended operation and overnight running.

QUAATRO checks its own performance, with automatic monitoring of noise, drift, bubble pattern and light energy, before and during a run.

QUAATRO high resolution digital photometer, with optimized optics and 24-bit resolution, provides higher sensitivity at ultra-low concentrations, wider dynamic ranges and lower detection limits. LED light sources are available for high performance applications, such as use on research vessels. Various flowcells are available, all with bubble-through technology.

The enclosed heated chemistry manifold on QUAATRO means there is no need for heating baths. Microflow hydraulics allows faster analysis rates, lower reagent consumption and results in less waste. The inert glass components allow easy visual check for correct operation and easy cleaning. Four chemistries can be run simultaneously on one console. 5 channel seawater QUAATRO is available.

The heart of the system, the high precision three-speed peristaltic pump, ensures regular, reproducible dosing of liquid. Optional reagent valves allow automatic start up, method switching and shut down.

QUAATRO autosamplers are fast, robust and available with various rack sizes to meet your sample requirements. Samples can be added at any time during the run.

Instrument control and data acquisition is carried out through the intuitive, easy to use AACE software package. AACE is LIMS compatible and both standard and GLP versions are available.

QUAATRO is used to analyze nutrients in a wide variety of sample types:

  • Drinking Water
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Seawater
  • Soil and plants
  • Tobacco
  • Wine

SEAL has more than 1,000 documented methods, with new applications regularly being developed in our laboratories. USEPA, ASTM, ISO, AOAC, DIN and other international regulatory compliant methods are available.