BD50s and BD28s

Improved digestions for better analysis

The BD50s and BD28s Programmable Digestion Systems perform acid digestion of large numbers of samples under controlled conditions and is available in two different formats:

  • 28 place for 250ml digestion tubes
  • 50 place for both 75ml and 100ml digestion tubes

Designed for durability and robustness, a BD50s/BD28s digestion system includes a block digestion unit, microprocessor controller, tube rack/draftshield, a set of digestion vessels and a cooling stand that supports the tube rack above the block.

The BD50s and BD28s Digestion Systems heat samples at a controlled rate, in the presence of one or more acids, to the required temperature then holds the samples at that temperature until digestion is complete.

The BD50s and BD28s' unique flat plate design results in an even temperature distribution across the block and more precise temperature control. The temperature of each digestion position in the BD50s and BD28s is tightly regulated ensuring all samples in the batch are digested equally.

In addition, your digestion methods are stored electronically to provide reproducibility from batch-to-batch, operator-to-operator. You can store up to 20 programs, each with up to 30 steps, allowing you to automate the most complex digestion procedure.